Principal Consultant

Carmen Forsman, has over 15 years of success in conceptualizing and developing full functioning, successful international business opportunities that integrate her corporate and non-profit network.

An experienced dealmaker, Carmen has also raised funding and brokered business partnerships across a broad spectrum of organizations, including the U.S. and foreign governments, multinational and foreign corporations, financial organizations, venture capital firms, and prominent angel investors. On behalf of her clients, she draws on the following:

  • Exemplary soft skills that build valuable relationships with all levels of stakeholders to achieve solid results

  • Ability to create tight value propositions that engage and inspire partners at all levels

  • Cross-functional effectiveness with the ability to be flexible and adopt to rapid change

  • Strong cultural understanding and experience working with diverse people and teams

Carmen has an MBA from Columbia Business School, with a focus on International Business and Finance. She has served as a director for International Business Development for Fortune 100 companies and global NGOs. 

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