From research and planning to execution IIC will help mitigate the risks associated with emerging markets.


Value Propositions – IIC will help you to position your product or service to fit an emerging market need and can develop a strategy to communicate that value proposition to target audience and decision makers.

Market Identification and Strategic Planning – IIC will study international opportunities for your product or service and recommend specific markets based on a risk reward evaluation.

Partner Identification – IIC will utilize its global network to identify strategic partners in for production, distribution or marketing. Due diligence can also be conducted on acquisition targets. All partners will be vetted with pertinent local government agencies.

Government Relations – IIC will meet on its clients’ behalf with government officials to make sure that the client's interests will be protected under current or planned regulation.

Financial Modeling – IIC will develop a business model based on local pricing, taxation, import costs and revenue projections.


Other specialties include: Capacity Building, Fundraising, Public Relations & Marketing